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         Professional services provided are a complete range of engineering, construction and
related services to virtually all residential, commercial, industrial and high rise building.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on ethical conduct,
mutual trust, and teamwork.
To ensure continuous improvement,
we challenge,test, re-evaluate and
continually raise our standards of excellence.

We are fostering a work environment which
challenges,enriches and rewards each individual.

Our Principles

To add value to our services, these principles
are emphasized:

We will continue to build…..

A responsible and supremely attentive focus
on the needs of our customers

An engaging work environment that will enable
TSS to attract, retain, develop and motivate the
people essential for business success
Methods to capture, share and apply our
knowledge to deliver customer solutions
Clear our expectations of individual responsibility
and accountability for business success
Job Efficiency

People’s job efficiency for completing tasks, like
playing sports, restoring vintage cars, cooking
meals, programming a computer, maintaining
machinery or doing anything else, is always
a result of two factors: The strength of their
constructive energies Their levels of productive

TSS, as an organization, is totally Committed to
providing their client with quality services and
to ensuring that all work is performed in a cost
effective and controlled manner.
This commitment operates at every level of
the company and all personnel are required
to comply with relevant quality related policies.
Quality is about the way we approach our work:
It is about doing things right the first time It must
be built in right from the planning stage
It can never be added later
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